oil/canvas, 60x54"

Pick Up
oil/canvas, 40x36"

Eeeny Meeny
oil/canvas, 52x56"

World Upside
oil/canvas, 54x62"

The Lesson
Oil on canvas, 54x55"

For Her, A Dose of Drama was Inevitable 
oil/canvas, 62x54"

Bombs Away
oil/canvas, 40x36"

Beauty and the Beast
oil/canvas, 40x36" (private collection)
Road Trip
graphite on paper, 23x20"

An Apple A Day
oil/canvas, 56x54" 
The Ride
oil/canvas, 40x36"

Cloud Watcher
oil/canvas, 54x44"

Birdie Stuffer
oil/canvas, 40x36"

Hydrangea and Apples and Blue
Oil on canvas, 44x44"

Car Nerds
oil/canvas, 36x48"

Night Pickers
oil/canvas, 50x44"
She Was Not About To Make Her Curfew
oil/canvas, 58x54

Red Car Road Trip
oil/paper, 15x18"

Apple Noshers
oil/paper, 17x15"

Pea Gothic
oil/canvas, 32x44"