The Anniversary
oil/canvas, 60x44"

The Horticulture Whisperer
oil/canvas, 50x64"

Swimmers and Shakers
oil/canvas, 50x46"

Morning Rituals
oil/canvas, 40x36"
Pool Angel
oil/canvas, 54x46"

Car Fire
oil/wood, 26x29x5.5"

Nature Lover
oil/canvas, 50x44"

She Always Had A Lot To Say
oil/wood, 21x20x5.5"
Apples are to Oranges is Bananas 
oil/wood, 27x24x5.5"

Asparagus In The Time Of Quarantine
oil/canvas, 54x46"

Quarantine Rug Shufflers
oil/canvas, 54x44"
Night Window
oil/canvas, 54x46"

Wine and Bread
oil/canvas/board, 12x15"

Blue Car, Night
oil/wood, 20x30x11.5"

I Got This
oil/wood, 28x22x5.5"

I Got This
oil/canvas/board, 20x16"

Quarantined Cherry Eaters
oil/canvas, 56x64"

Car Culture

All In
oil/wood, 21.5x15.5x5.5"

oil/wood, 18x18x5.5"